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Wireless Arcade VR

Wireless VR for Arcades

Arcades are all about room-scale and pushing the boundaries of VR, nothing facilitates this more than a fully integrated wireless solution which allows all players to roam freely in a large space completely unencumbered by wires or an attached computer.


OEM Solutions with 4k per eye

IMR is developing a solution to support future technology with an OEM option which is scale-able up to 4K per eye at 120Hz.  Our highly efficient algorithm is able to stream data to almost any VR enabled device, utilizing a severe reduction in required bandwidth.

Head-Mounted Design

Solution for existing HMDS

Our head mounted wireless accessory is an aftermarket accessory for the current users of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, who want to expand the capability of the HMD by untethering it and realising the full potential of the VR experience. Plug and Play.

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Wearable, Wireless, Virtual Reality

IMR is at the forefront of wireless Virtual Reality data streaming.

  • Our proprietary algorithm is designed to become THE standard in VR data compression and transmission.
  • Paired with our hardware architecture we provide a highly efficient medium to stream large amounts of VR data between devices.
  • Ultra-low latency less than 0.3ms compressing the data by between 10:1 to 25:1 depending upon system specification.
  • Our technology can be integrated into future VR enabled technology, including next generation HMDs, enabling WiGig and 5G transmission for Cloud VR.

Imagine what it would be like to watch your favourite sports team live in VR!