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Immersive Robotics

IMR has set the standard for delivering premium wireless VR. IMR’s scalable, ultra-low latency and high image quality proprietary compression/decompression algorithm (CODEC) was originally developed specifically for VR video. The CODEC and wireless IP is becoming the preferred solution across industry verticals for time-critical applications where ultra-low latency is essential, now extending into applications beyond VR/AR.

Advancements by IMR in the last 2 years has resulted in a premium wireless VR/AR solution that is future proof as it immediately scales to the higher data requirements of next generation higher resolution displays and content. IMR has also become a leader in the field of Cloud VR, partnering with key 5G/Edge Computing stakeholders to provide the highest quality, lowest latency solution for streaming VR video over upcoming 5G networks.

IMR is a 3rd party tested world leader in Video Compression and Streaming for real-time critical applications such as VR & AR.

Proven small form-factor hardware solution to one of VR’s greatest problems, “the wires that tether you to the computer”.

IMR is moving computing further from the user, making the experience less cumbersome and enabling the developers more freedom to wow their user-base in a free-roam virtual environment, unencumbered by wires or even local computing.

Combining Cloud Computing with AR/VR means reform of the internet as we know it, into a spatially enhanced aggregate that will become the heart of physical and virtual interaction.

The shift in consumption of digital content is set to be one of the biggest innovations in the 21st century as it aligns with key infrastructure enablers, such as the impending 5G network and high gigabit internet rollout.

AR/VR is being hailed as the future of computing and human interface. This requires a re-think of how these devices will connect and how people will interact with each other. The technology IMR has developed is designed to deliver high fidelity content in a fraction of a second across the network infrastructure of the future.