5G Cloud, AR/VR Future 2018-06-22T05:05:18+00:00

5G Cloud, AR/VR Connected Future

IMR has leveraged an early start in real-time critical compression and networking to partner with industry leaders, telecommunications infrastructure providers, operators and chipset companies, to become the leader in AR/VR streaming from the cloud over future 5G and high Gigabit fiber connections.

For Cloud VR to become a reality over 5G networks, telecommunications Infrastructure, Operator, and Chipset partners must first see proof that a premium VR/AR experience is achievable over the network. For these stakeholders to effectively monetize a VR/AR service and justify the costs associated with implementing the necessary mobile edge computing network infrastructure, the key requirements of a fully immersive VR experience must first be met, namely, ultra-low latency and a cable-equivalent image quality.

IMR has based their fiber and 5G Cloud VR strategy on CODEC development that satisfies these necessary conditions; not just on high compression and low data rates.

In 2017 IMR completed another world first, sending VR content through a 4.5G telecommunications network

Cloud VR is perhaps the most complex application for 5G networks, and IMR is providing a solution that properly addresses these unique requirements for a premium Cloud VR experience. IMR is actively optimizing a version of our CODEC and networking IP specifically for this application that aims to be the standard for streaming AR/VR from the cloud/MEC to the user.