IMR awarded QLD government grant.

//IMR awarded QLD government grant.
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IMR awarded QLD government grant.

IMR is proud to announce that we are a successful applicant to the Advance Queensland, Ignite Ideas Grant.

You can read the original QLD Government press release here

We would like to acknowledge the Queensland governments support of innovation in the region.  The money awarded to Immersive Robotics, will assist in the development and commercialization of  our new technology.  With an aim to revolutionize Virtual Reality, by making all the current and future technology wireless.

Ignite Ideas aims to help small businesses in Queensland who are ready to take their innovative ideas to the next level and potentially create products and services with huge global market potential.

A total of 39 applicants were successful in the program’s first round, representing a funding commitment of $5.65 million.”

Virtual Reality is an exciting new technology space, influenced in a big way by the miniaturization of electronics and LCD’s in smart phone technology.  Similarly as founders of IMR, our experience in the UAV / “Drone” industry at it’s early stages of fruition, has been a major driver in how we approached VR and our position within the industry.

We love technology, and we love to see this now blurring the lines between sci-fi and reality.  We are very excited for the huge potential of applications requiring  wireless VR and are proud to be an instrumental part of it’s future.

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