IMR raises investment

//IMR raises investment
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IMR raises investment

Capital Raising

Immersive Robotics is a fast paced, Brisbane based tech start-up, which has been rapidly developing the next biggest innovation in wireless communications, one that facilitates communication for Virtual Reality, a growing new paradigm in human interaction.

We are powering forward, making the most intelligent VR wireless solution to what is currently the biggest problem in VR; the wires.

Recently IMR raised a round of investment capital to further our efforts in developing our technology, this has allowed us to more than double our efforts and subsequently the size of the company.

At the moment we are heavily focused on getting our BETA product ready, we look forward to kicking off our BETA program and getting our device out to some first-time users.

Presales to follow soon in Q2, 2016.

What we have been up to!

  • Miniaturizing our hardware
    • Our prototyping has been on larger PCB’s we are miniaturizing everything onto a single small PCB
    • Making our final product as small as possible.
  • Optiming our algorithms
    • We are constantly tweaking our algorithms to optimize the experience as much as possible, all HMD’s have different requirements, we are working to support most of them.
  • Making our product more wearable
    • Our BETA product will be integrated into a comfortable belt, which can be quickly and easily changed between users. It will also include a swappable battery pack for fast battery changeover and continuous all-day play.
  • Making an easy to use configuration tool for various HMD’s 
    • This allows us to support multiple HMDs we are creating a GUI software tool, which allows various settings and HMD profiles to be set.
  • Waiting on our HTC Vive to conduct final integration
    • We look forward to integrating with the latest HTC Vive and Oculus CV1, our product was ultimately developed to support the demands of these higher end HMD’s.
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