IMR – Wireless Virtual Reality Product

//IMR – Wireless Virtual Reality Product
  • IMR Mach 1 Wireless VR Prototype

IMR – Wireless Virtual Reality Product

Our Prototype

The images shown are of our prototype, which may differ in appearance and functionality to our final product, we reserve the right to make adjustments and changes without prior notice.

Immersive Robotics is the first in the world to design a product which offers a truly wireless Virtual Reality experience.
The “IMR – MACH-I” is compatible with all of the leading HMD’s such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, OSVR and many others.
There are companies touting wireless solutions that have on-board computing which utilize smart phone hardware and Android OS inside the goggles.

For any serious Virtual Reality experience, a smart phone doing all the computing is simply not going to cut it!

This means plugging into a powerful computer which sits externally to the HMD “Head Mounted Display”

Up until now, the only way to do this has been to use a bundle of wires, which protrude from the back of your head.

Not only do wires restrict your freedom of movement, they kill the immersive experience.

Immersive Robotics has developed a wireless link that is capable of handling the demanding data rates and low latency requirements of Virtual reality, giving you complete untethered freedom to do as you wish.

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