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Core Technology

IMR’s licensable core technology offering:

  • A patented real-time, video CODEC that is scalable to the extremely high resolutions AR/VR require to deliver high-quality experiences without limitations such as fixed-pattern noise.  This is implemented in a manner that provides an efficient compression ratio >10:1 with extremely low sub-frame latency and no perceivable loss in visual quality.
  • A networking and streaming strategy including error correction that allows for extremely low latency connections over Wi-Fi and more complex shared networks
  • Custom PCB and hardware development that enables IMR’s reference designs

IMR’s unique IP is scalable to higher resolutions and framerates, which is a necessity for the next generation of wireless VR HMDs.  The data rates produced by the next generation HMD high resolution screens and 8k+ content far exceeds current generation 802.11ad and next generation 802.11ay wireless technology, making IMR’s wireless CODEC perfectly suited to provide the premium wireless experience that all users desire – IMR believes the quality associated with a premium wireless VR experience should never be compromised.

Video streaming for low latency time critical applications - providing truly interactive devices of the future

As innovators, these are IMR’s focus areas in connectivity:

  • Low-latency Compression (sub-millisecond)
  • Comparable quality to a cabled solution
  • Future scalability (higher resolutions / frame-rates)
  • Hardware agnostic and ASIC ready
  • Decompression in Phones and Off-Shelf devices
  • 5G / Edge Computing compatible solution
  • Small wearable form-factor and power usage
  • Competitive BOM price

IMR is collaborating with industry partners to integrate this technology with leading devices and products. These strategic partnerships are helping IMR to create a de-facto standard in real-time critical video compression and streaming for the display technology of the future.

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