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Enterprise AR/VR Solutions

Currently, enterprise use-cases for AR/VR are limited due to the restriction of cables running from the HMD to the computer. Cables cause safety concerns and restrict the experience to a confined area.

IMR offers premium wireless solutions to enterprise users who require the extra flexibility, safety and ease of execution that our solution provides.

Examples of benefits include:

  • Needing to walk around a large Virtual Object in VR, (e.g. a vehicle)
  • Meeting safety requirements, eliminating tripping hazards
  • More advanced simulations that currently suffer from cable entanglement
  • Eliminating chaperones / extra staff required to hold the cable
  • Providing a more advanced and user-friendly experience
  • Allowing content development teams to think beyond the cable limitation

IMR is partnering with several enterprise leaders in the entertainment, training, automotive and industrial sectors on premium, bespoke wireless VR solutions. This experience base is allowing IMR to broaden its IP offering and strengthen its market position as the reality of 5G/MEC VR/AR fast approaches.

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