Set-Top Box and Console Products 2018-04-15T04:53:11+00:00

Set-Top Box and Console Products

IMR’s technology acts as a core enabler for streaming from set top box (STB) to HMD and even from the Cloud/MEC/5G to the STB.  These set top boxes allow for the utilization of mixed technologies to deliver VR content over existing mobile & cable infrastructure and along with connected VR consoles open a plethora of content and entertainment, streaming applications and would be a key enabler toward making VR more “mainstream” among consumers.

STB’s provide low cost computing that is task specific and well suited to AR/VR for localized rendering and buffering of content from the cloud (provides an intermediary step to full cloud deployment)

Applications for AR/VR enabled Set Top Box and Consoles

IMR is currently collaborating with several industry leaders in this area to enable this technology for the near future connectivity of AR/VR, home user and entertainment applications.